Itchy face : Causes, Prevention and Treatment

itchy face

Since our body is made up of skin, any part of it is prone to itchiness. Even the skin on the face is not exempted to suffer itchiness. There are numbers of reason why the face itch; it could be allergy, skin disease, over exposure to sun and many more.

Just for instance, if a person is anxious, you would notice that he will move and do some scratch a lot on his face and other pars of the body. This is one of the human’s mechanisms in order to minimize the tension. Here are the several causes why the skin on the face itches. After knowing the reasons behind the itchiness, you will know how to stop distractions.

itchy face

Causes of Itchy Face

  • One of most common reason why the skin on the face itch is dryness. Having dry skin is not healthy. This means that the oil production on the particular area of the skin is decreased causing it to become dry. When this happens, there is a possibility for the skin to patch and that is very itchy.
  • The second cause of itchy face is allergy. Some people are allergic to foods and there are others that are allergic to prescribed medications.
  • Another form of allergy is the seasonal hypersensitivity. This is true during the winter when pollen starts to scatter on the air. Aside from pollen, another cause is the cold.
  • Eczema is another cause that causes the skin extreme dry skin. This is hard to treat and it needs immediate medical attention.
  • Lastly, Rosacea is another cause of itchy face. The patient will likely suffer from stinging or tingling sensation especially on the cheek area.
  • Dirt is also a cause of itchy face in most common circumstances. Being outside all day long can surely make your face full of dust and grime. That dirt will stick into the sweat and if it dries up, it can cause a lot of itchiness. Daily face washing can help eliminate dirt that causes itchiness. The ideal soap to use is hypoallergenic. If you are not aware of the right soap to use. You can consult a physician in order to know what the right remedy is.
  • Another reason why the face itch is the over exposure to the sun. When you are making yourself too much exposed to sunlight, your skin will likely develop rashes accompanied by redness and itchiness. This is really irritating and it is often referred to as sunburn.
  • Psoriasis is another cause. It is uncommon because only people having defective immune system can develop this kind of condition. The manifestation of the said disease is intense itchiness and a proper diagnosis and treatment is needed for it.

There are also instances that the itchiness on the face is being accompanied by difficulty in vomiting, breathing as well as swelling of the throat and tongue. If this happens, you might suffer from anaphylactic, a very life-threatening condition.

Treatment and Prevention

  1.  There are many ways to prevent and treat itchiness on the face. If the cause of itchiness is dirt, the only solution to minimize it is through proper cleaning and washing of the face with the use of antibacterial and hypoallergenic soaps. There are numbers of over-the-counter soap products that contain anti-bacterial components. However, too much washing the face is also not beneficial to the skin. It will only remove the natural oil in the skin. Each individual has different skin types and the proper remedy for itch depends on the type of the skin.
  2. Secondly, if the itch is caused by sun exposure, the best way to relieve the pain and itch is through getting rid of direct sunlight. If not, make use of skin moisturizers and lotions with higher sun protection component.
  3. Since anxiety is another cause of itchiness, better avoid situations that will stress you. Also, medications for anxiety can give some relief and will prevent itchiness to occur.
  4. For dermatitis caused itchiness, doctor will tell you to avoid foods like peanuts, eggs and other products containing milk.
  5. Toxins in the body can also cause itchiness and the ideal thing to do is to remove these toxins through cleaning the colon.
  6. Foods like millet and brown rice is good for the health. Including this in the diet will surely aid in prevention of face itchiness.
  7. Aloe Vera is another remedy that is naturally found in your garden. The gel content of the plant is cool that will allow the face absorb its moisture once applied. It has helpful benefits and will contribute to skin regeneration.
  8. Foods and fruits containing vitamin E are good for the skin. It helps the skin glow while nourishing the cells inside. When the skin is healthy, it can be able to fight itchiness.


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