What is Melasma

Melasma is a type of skin discoloration which is particularly common in the female gender. It affects pregnant women a lot and therefore it has even been nicknamed as the mask of pregnancy. They suffer this medical condition mainly because of the fact that they take oral or patch contraceptives or indulge in hormone replacement therapy also known as HRT. So, Melasma or Chloasma faciei comes in the form of blemishes on the skin and bears a resemblance to tiny moles a lot.

This ailment can be often witnessed in women with dark skin tones, but can very possibly happen to light skinned women or even men too. Native Americans are quite susceptible to Melasma. You will be surprised to know that it happens to people of the Jewish, German and Russian origin too.

People who have thyroid troubles can have Melasma or there can be a hereditary predisposition also. Sometimes it can happen to people who are sensitive to certain pills or beauty products or even excess sunlight. There is not much cause to worry as it gradually vanishes when a pregnancy ends or hormone medication is put to a halt.

Melasma Causes

Melasma is contemplated to be a rapid stimulus of pigment generating cells called melanocytes by the feminine sex hormones estrogen and progesterone to create more melanin pigments. This happens when estrogen or progesterone arouses the hormones which cause pigmentation. The occurrence of Melasma augments due to thyroid dysfunction too.

The excess formulation of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) created by too much of anxiety can lead to this skin ailment. It has been noticed that the melanocyte exuding hormones are quite notably raised at the later part of the second trimester and goes on until full term.

Melasma Symptoms

  • There are some specific indications of Melasma with which the ailment can be diagnosed.
  • Dark, uneven, well defined hyper pigmented macules
  • Patches generally found on upper cheek, nose, upper lips, sometimes the entire lips and temple.
  • Fortunately there are no other symptoms apart from aesthetic staining.

Fortunately, there are tests which can detect Melasma. Take for instance a black light or wood’s light can help a lot in determining whether the ailment is present or not. We can see that Melasma occurs more often than not due to pigmentation in the epidermis and dermis. Only in very rare cases, skin biopsy is performed to identify any other causes

Melasma Home Remedies

  • There are a number of melasma creams which can be procured from any pharmacy or even cosmetic shops all over. But, it is ideally recommended to go for home remedies and not the trillion creams that make possible use of hydroquinone which is a possible carcinogen. Acidic concoctions consisting of products like onions, vinegar or lemon juice can work wonders in diminishing and even eradicating Melasma.
  • Home remedies can be made out of refined white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or else any other ordinary vinegar. We can utilize vinegar in this scenario because it has a very mild form of acid which can make the skin more soft and glowing. It also assists in lightening the skin tone.
  • Onion juice is also extremely helpful in eliminating Melasma. In order to make the mixture, chop up the onions thin or pulp it in a food processor. Sieve the sliced onions through a filter or cheesecloth and blend it with identical proportions of apple cider vinegar. After the concoction is made, apply it two times every day with the help of a cotton ball. Well, you could try out cutting up an onion, dunking it in vinegar and placing it exactly in the distress spot.  The same thing can be done by lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice and put it on as a face mask.

Melasma Treatment

There are some specific types of treatment for the cure of Melasma, some of which are-

  • With the help of the Skin lightening technique, hydroquinone is utilized to lighten the skin for a lesser amount of visible variation in the skin tone. There is a common cure for Melasma and that is known as Skin Bright. This is prepared from kojic acid and alpha arbutin and is considered to be extremely successful in all skin sorts.
  • Melasma treatment in the form of laser skin rebuilding. One can avail of the Fraxel Dual Laser Technology or the Q-switched laser or the intense pulsed light. One can even go for other relevant medicines. There is no need to worry as all of them are very effective to treat Melasma. The use of laser may not necessarily heal the ailment, but it can definitely clear the situation with regular therapy and medicines.
  • It is vital to know that Melasma can be set off by feeling of acute misery and rigorous tension. If you have this skin condition, alert yourself about all the different kinds of treatment for Melasma and fight the disease with a positive state of mind. Try out different kinds of remedies, but only after counseled by experts.

Melasma Pictures

Melasma pictures

Picture 1 :  Photo of Melasma

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Melasma photos hyperpigmentation

Picture 2 :  Melasma over the cheeks and face (hyperpigmentation)

Image source :

Melasma skin rash images

Picture 3 :   Melasma


Picture 4 :  Melasma (common cause of  facial darkening in women)

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