Pilates Exercises for Arthritis


Arthritis is a common condition often suffered by people aging above 50. This has something to do about the joints. When arthritis strikes, the joint are inflamed; joint is where two bones meet. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. This condition occurs when the cartilage that support the two connecting bones are thinned. Cartilage is responsible not only in protecting the joint but as well as allowing a smooth movement to the bones. Cartilage is also capable of absorbing shock when there is an applied pressure on the joint such as during walking, running and moving.

Pilates Exercises for Arthritis

When cartilage is not sufficient, the bones are rubbed together causing swelling, pain due to inflammation and stiffness. When continuous inflammation in the joint occurs, this may result to an autoimmune disease in which the body will mistakenly attack its own healthy tissues, broken bones, “wear and tear” on the joints and even infection caused by a virus or bacteria. When one suffers from a chronic arthritis, this could be alarming since you will no longer perform things that you are used to and will suffer from it anytime it will attack you. Arthritis can develop on both men and women and there are various types of this kind of condition.

There are many forms of treatment for arthritis including medication that are capable of making cartilage return to normal. However, there are also remedies that can help an individual in easing the pain such as home remedies and exercises. Here, Pilate’s exercises will be given emphasis on how to overcome the painful arthritis.

Pilates is soon becoming the most acceptable form of arthritis exercise. Arthritis exercises are traditionally in the form of moderate exercises, gentle Yoga workouts, water exercise and walking. But now Pilates, according to research is known to be very effective as an arthritis exercise. They not only make your joints strong but also leave you refreshed and energetic, unlike some exercises that may tire you.

One form of workout is Pilates and was started by a person long time ago. The name of the exercise itself was derived from his name. This type of exercise is more focused on the body’s flexibility, balance, awareness and especially support for a graceful and efficient movement. Pilates exercise is one of the famous workouts for arthritis that suits people of all ages. Those who are fond of executing this exercise are the dancers, athletes, senior citizens, women and those who are in a certain stage of rehab.

The main purpose why people execute this exercise is that it helps in making the body longer, stronger, flexible and leaner. People who execute this workout see Pilates exercise as the best way to have a better sex life and sleep. Pilates is inspired by calisthenics, ballet and yoga and it is a series of more than 500 equipment or mat exercises. It is also in the form of aerobic and non-aerobic. It will require focus and concentration since the body here is moved with precise ranges of motion.

Pilates Exercises is packed with Benefits

  • Once performing Pilates, there is a more improved spine stability as well as improved physical balance and coordination.
  • It also promotes relaxation to the upper extremities such as upper back, neck and shoulder. In addition, it can also prevent injuries in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Posture will likely be improved through balancing proper muscular control over the limbs and back.

Performing Pilates exercise is great and anyone can do it whether a beginner or not. You can perform exercises using your own body weight, or with the aid of various pieces of equipment. It will only include sessions up to 2 hours and each exercise must be performed with a proper breathing technique and muscle control.

There are 2 forms of Pilates

  1. The first one is the Mat-based Pilates which is a series of workout being performed on the floors by using own body weight and gravity. Its central focus is to condition the deeper muscles in improving posture, coordination and balance.
  2. The second form is the equipment-based Pilates which includes definite equipment that works against “reformer”, spring-loaded resistance. Some includes the use of dumbbells and other small equipments.

Here are Some Pilates Exercises

  • Pilates Fundamentals – a traditional form of workout that challenges abdominal strength. It is most often referred to as “warm-up fundamentals”.
  • The Hundred on the other hand is designed to build stamina, coordination and core strength. This is fully focused on abdominal muscles.
  • The Roll Up is another great challenge for the muscles in the abdomen and for the spine’s better articulation.
  • The Roll Over in addition had been seen to help in stimulating the spine.
  • The One Leg Circle is a good workout that challenges the core stability.

Pilates is nowadays one of the most opt form of workout to those combating arthritis. Whereas other prefers yoga, walking and other simple yet light exercises are very helpful in relieving the pain caused by arthritis. If you are still not aware of the Pilates exercise, all you have to do is to consult an arthritis specialist. That person surely knows how to address your problem properly. In fact, all Pilate’s exercises are easy to do, this includes simple steps. Since older people are more affected by this kind of condition, it might be better to let these elders be examined by doctors as early as possible. This is one effective way to condition the body during older years. In fact, not only older people can acquire this kind of condition, younger people can also suffer from this.

Together with various exercises, one must also consider the number of remedies that can possibly lessen the pain. Just inside the kitchen, you can actually find some of the most effective pain reliever for arthritis. While performing Pilate exercise, it might be ideal to drink a juice made of potatoes. Do not cook the potato, instead have it raw. It is more helpful. This type of remedy is well-known traditionally and had been used by people centuries ago. By the time you are exercising, drink a cup of this kind of juice after. Also, do not peel the potato; more nutrients can be derived from the peelings. The best time to take it is every morning before your meal. Drink a cup of juice, eat your meal and after that, perform the exercise. The entire workout will be effective provided with proper monitoring.

Here are a few arthritis exercises.

1. Imprinted Spine:

Lie on a raised platform or a mat with knees bent and hips width apart. Inhale, and engage your abdominal muscles.
Breathe out and move your pelvis into a ‘slight push’ sensing your lower back touch the floor. Inhale and release back to normalcy.

2. Mermaid Stretch:

Take the support of a bench stuck to a wall, and sit on the front edge with your feet firmly on the ground and hips wide apart. Breathe in, raise your right arm straight, exhale and bend to the left. Inhale to stay, exhale and return to normal. Do again on both sides for three times. Keep your bottom square on the bench and the supine straight. Stretch the sides of your waist and ribcage. Inhale and then exhale, rolling back up the wall making sure every part of your spine makes contact with the wall.

3. Wall Roll Down:

Stand with the lower back straight against a wall and your feet a foot away from the wall with the knees slightly bent. Inhale to prepare, exhale and move your chin towards the chest, and roll you’re back off the wall, slightly till your arms and hands are hanging down over your hips and you have attained a resistance point.Inhale to stay, exhale to roll back up the wall making sure every part of your spine is in contact with the wall. Make sure you involve your abdominals. This exercise is good for your spine and hamstrings.





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