What Is Smart Lipo?

Smart Liposuction or lipolysis is a contentious procedure to reduce the fat cells from the body. This is basically a cosmetic system where injections with special drug are injected to the body so that the drug can breaker down the fats from the cells.

Smartlipo procedure


For treating in this method, the drugs are formulated from the chemicals that are used for blood problems. The common drugs that are used in the injections of the smart lipo usually created on phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. They are simply known as the PCDC.

In the middle of the 1960s, it was discovered that the solutions containing intravenous infusion of PC can eliminate the fat emboli. However, this was not well accepted until in later years, a drug was created and started in practical treatment to reduce the fat emboli in Germany. In this drug, there was 5% PC and 4.75% deoxycholate or DC and it was named as Lipostabil. Along with fat emboli, it was also used in treating dyslipidemia and liver cirrhosis, caused by alcohol induces. The firs experiment was, however, successful. It was used for removing the fats from under the eyelid and from then, the smart lipo became usable in the treatment of fat problems. But still there are many contradictions about the smart lipo and it is not authorized by many governments.

On April of this year 2010, there have been some problems between the USA Food and Drug Administration and six beauty and medical spas companies about misleading advertisements as many of the ads contain information that has not been proved by enough clinical evidence. There have been three medical associations including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery that have warned the users against smart lipo.

In the smart lipo treatment, the injection is directly pushed on the subcutaneous fat. In most cases, the number of injection is multiple and the result is achieved by treating in multiple sessions until the desired amount of fat is removed. In per session of smart lipo, about two to three hours are taken; based on area of the fat. Beside the injection, the smart liposuction is done through many other different methods. Among them, the laser is one of the best.

Smart Lipo Laser

For treating the smart lipo, laser is used which makes it more accurate and efficient. The laser lipolysis smartlipo can work with the most critical measurement and with maximum care. With the laser, the doctors remove the fats that have been deposited on the top layers of the skin. In most cases, the fats are stored in liquid form. So when the laser pushed into the skin, a tiny amount of oily liquid substance comes out which is removed by an incision by the doctor. The laser also works to seal the wound of the blood vessels to eliminate any chance of blooding or infection. For the whole procedure, a local anesthesia is used. The smartlipo laser is applicable to any body part that the patient want. Because of the tiny form of the laser, it can be used easily on every part of the body as well as achieving expected results.

Smartlipo MPX

Smart lipo MPX is little different from the traditional liposuction where a calibrated laser is used to liquefy the stored fats.

Smartlipo Triplex

To make the things better, you can use the smartlipo triplex, which is the most advance laser treatment for smart lipo. In this procedure, the procedure is done with integrated temperature sensing as well as smart motion and thermal profile view. So the process is more accurate than before.

Because of this high end technology, the smart lipo laser is the safest and reliable way of reducing fats. Nowadays, most patients as well as doctors depend on the laser treatment and the use of injection is getting rare and rare.


Not everyone can do the smart lipo. For using this method, the user needs to fulfill some perquisites including doing enough exercise and dieting. It is not suggested that a person under 18 uses the liposuction. Also those who do not have a good general health are not recommended for this surgical procedure. Patients with diabetes, heart problem and infection are not eligible for the liposuction. Sometimes older people are not suggested for this treatment as with age, their skin gets lose and the risk is too high. For using the smart lipo, the patient must have at least ten pounds of extra fats.

Smartlipo Laser Body Sculpting:

The smart lipo can be used in almost every body parts as the tools of the treatment are tiny. The most common boy parts that are suitable for the liposuction are: back, abdomen, chin, face, buttocks, cheeks, upper arms, neck, thighs, hips, knees, mons pubic, breasts and areas that have flabby skins.

In the narrow areas, the liposuction works better and faster as it is easier to eliminate the extra fats from these parts. On the other hand, the process takes much longer in the smartlipo laser body sculpting on the larger body parts. The smart lipo results after the operation depends on the expertise of the smart lipo doctors. Not every doctor can do the procedure; even not every plastic surgeon is capable of doing the operation with enough expertise. This is even harder in the critical zones.

Smart Lipo Pictures

If you need to know more about the smart lipo, you can make a search in the popular search engines and the best results will be presented in front of you. From there, you can read the reviews and if needed, you can contact with a patient or doctor to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. In these sites and reviews, you will get numerous smart lipo pictures. In these pictures of smart lipo, you can see the difference between the result of the Smart lipo before and after the surgery. You can even find the photos on specific body part to see how it would look like if you do the same thing.

Picture 1 : Smart Lipo Areas

Image source:

Picture 2 : Smart Lipo Before and After Pictures

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Picture 3 : Smart Lipo ( Arms Liposuction)

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Picture 4 : SmartLipo Before and After (chin)

Image source:

Picture 5 : SmartLipo Before and After (face and eyebrows)

Picture 6 : SmartLipo Before and After (abdomen)

Smart lipo Before and After

The condition of the patient of Smart lipo before and after is totally different. In most cases, the result is almost immediate and it can be seen right after the operation. However, it may take about ten to twelve weeks to get the skin to the normal condition.

The major benefits or changes that the patient will see after the procedure are: smoother skin, much less fat, less discomfort in movement like it used to be in previous state, the skins will be tighter around the area that the operation took place. The most important thing is the smart lipo is a permanent solution that is almost hurtles with the use of anesthesia.

Smartlipo Recovery Time:

The Smartlipo recovery time depends on the fitness of the patient as well as the amount of the fat that were removed. In general, it takes about three months in most cases; but depending on the facts, it may take more than a year. The main point here is the body needs to reorganize itself with the sudden change and adjustment with the new shape.

Smartlipo Side Effects:

Comparing to the benefits and ease of the process, the Smartlipo side effects are almost nothing. However, the minor problems are the following:

  • Swelling which will be eliminated in few weeks.
  • Brushing that is mostly a short term side effect.
  • With the use of anesthesia, the pain is rare in smart lipo. However, in case of minor pain, over the counter medicine is suggested.
  • Scars are not permanent. They may take too long to fade; but will be eventually.
  • Numbness is occurred for few patients.

Smartlipo Safety Matter

Except for some cases, the smartlip is a safe procedure. The FDA had several issues with the smart lipo before as there have been some serious life threatening complications; but that were very rare. Now it is the most trusted method and as the use of drug has been confirmed, the use of stitches have been eliminated which reduce any chance of getting infection. So the smart lipo becomes the most secure cosmetic surgery.

Smart Lipo Doctors

Smart lipo doctors are known as plastic surgeons; however, treating with the smart lip is not easy and requires a lot more care and special training. Not every doctor is capable of the operation and if you need to use any of the smartlipo doctors, you better make sure that the doctor has training in this as they have previous experiences.

Smartlipo Reviews

You will find lots of reviews in the internet about smart lipo results. In these reviews, patients as well as the doctors wrote their experience about the surgery. In most cases, the result is very satisfying. Especially for the last few years, the smart lipo is getting better and better. More and more patients are coming and new technologies are used; making it as perfect as possible. Now the doctors are expert enough to treat any body part, no matter how critical it is, with the smartlipo.


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