Viral illness in players : Symptoms and Treatment


Viral illness is one of the several injuries that are most common for the sportsmen. Its attack does not require physical contact. It can happen in the most delicate of manner when the victim has no idea about it and still follows his schedules. The urge to perform better that makes the athlete vulnerable to viral problems.

Excessive training may lead to turn down the performance. Overtraining can leads to the state where rest is no longer adequate for recovery. It is also marked by increasing tiredness which may stay even after the recovery periods.

viral illness sports health

The most common symptom of viral problem is fatigue. The fatigue may put a limitation on the workouts to the sportsmen. Among the other signs of viral infection, the athlete may get a sudden change of behavior including being moody and get irritated easily. The victim may also change his sleep patterns. He will become clinical depressed and more shockingly, will lose the competitive desire in the field as well as losing interest in the sport.

There are some other viral diseases where the patient may have some other symptoms like weight loss and decreased appetite. The common physical symptoms of viral illness are frequency of viral illnesses, constant muscular soreness and increased incidence of injuries.

Rest is the first and most important treatment of frequency of viral illnesses, especially the illnesses that are caused by the overtraining. The time of the rest is proportional to the overtraining. Early discovery of viral illnesses is very important for the treatment.

Rest for three to five days is good enough for a short term overtraining. Rest will help the patient to regain the strength. The rest is giving time to the body to make an adjustment with the sudden hard work. In this time, the body reaches to superior levels to recompense for the stress that you have applied which causes much better performance than before. The process makes your cardiovascular and muscular systems more strong.


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