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bigtoe yellow toenail

Health is an important investment that we need to maintain. We need to be healthy in order for us to perform all the things that we need to do such as work, school, and many more. That is why we are very particular of the things that are happening in our body. One hint of abnormality can make us worry too much for the fear that there is something bad that is happening to our body.

There are many signs and symptoms that our body produce to warn us about our health and sometimes even the little things can help us in the end. Some body parts that we seldom neglect, such as our nails, can give us a lot of answers about our problems in our body.

Have you checked your nails lately? Are they slightly yellowish in appearance? If they are, then you need to be informed about this phenomenon, its causes, and treatment.

What Is A Yellow Toenail?

Normally, our nails can be seen covering the dorsal part of our fingers and toes. The color of the nails is slightly pink and any deviations from this could mean a problem. Thus, medical practitioners check our nails to give them clue about your condition.

One abnormality that can happen in our nails is when it turns into yellowish in color.  Although the color and texture of our nails change as we grow old, such as nails becoming yellow in color, there are other causes for causing this abnormality. Yellow toenails can be caused by a lot of things such as fungal infection, a medical condition, or simply a stain after applying a nail polish and leaving it on your nails for more than 2 weeks.

It is important to report this condition to your doctor right away if it bothers you or if this will not subside after all the remedies that you have done to carefully check your health condition.

Yellow Toenail Syndrome?

Yellow toenail syndrome is a condition in which the nails are seen to be thickening, turning yellowish in color, abnormality in shape, detaching from the nail bed, and some do not have lunula. The exact cause of the condition is not yet known but it is usually seen with people with conditions such as lymphoedema, pleural effusion, chronic sinusitis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, immune disorder. The age of the patients who are infected with this disease varies but majority of the patients who are suffering from this medical condition are those who are in middle age.

This condition is very rare and if you are one of those who are suffering from this condition, you need to seek the help of your doctor right away to determine the cause of the problem and begin treatment right away. Usually, doctors advice patient to take a lot of vitamin E to restore the normal appearance of your nails.

Yellow Toenail Causes

There are many causes for the yellow discoloration of your nails. Here are some of the common causes when you are having a yellow toenail;

1. Fungal infections

Yellow toenails can be caused by a fungal infection otherwise known as onychomycosis. Toenails are susceptible for fungal infections because their environment is favorable for organisms to live – moist, dark and warm. Usually yeast and dermatophytes are the two organisms that cause fungal infection in our toenails. Patients who have fungal infections in their toenails are seen with yellow toenails, the nails become thick and brittle.

bigtoe yellow toenail

Picture 1 : Toenail fungus (yellowish) on big toe

2. Yellow Toenail Syndrome

A rare condition in which the actual cause is not yet known. Normally, beside from the yellow toenails, it is also associated with many conditions such as sinusitis, pleural effusion, immune disorder, and many more. People with yellow toenail syndrome also present thickening of the nails, over curvature, separating from the nail bed, weak, growing slowly, ridging, and onycholysis.

3. Stain

The yellowish tinge in some people who are experiencing yellow toenails can be caused by a stain after applying a dark colored nail polish in your nails and leaving it on for more than 2 weeks. The stain is just normal and it does not have an effect to the health of your nails. It can be avoided by applying a base coat before applying the nail polish or you could rest your nails from applying nail polish for a couple of days.

4. Diabetes

Is a metabolic disorder in which there is a high amount of sugar in your blood stream. It can be caused by deficiency in insulin, the cells in our body do not react with insulin, and because of pregnancy. Some people who are experiencing diabetes show signs of yellow nails because glucose attaches to the collagen proteins in the nails.

Yellow Toenail Remedies

Before going to the doctor right away and spend money asking advice in how to fix your yellow toenail, you can first try these remedies to help you solve your problem.

  1. If you suspect that the yellow discoloration in your nails is just a stain, you could soak your toenails in water mixed with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Also, you can slice some fresh lemons and directly rub it to your nails to remove the stain.
  2. Make a paste out of one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of baking soda and apply it to your toenails. After ten minutes, wash the feet and dry them to remove the yellow stain.
  3. Mix water and apple cider vinegar and soak your toenails to cure your yellow toenails. The volume of water is equal to the volume of the vinegar when you mix them.
  4. Combined tea tree oil and lavender oil and apply them to your yellow toenails. This solution can help get rid of your problem after how many weeks.
  5. Foot care is also important to prevent yellow toenails such as keeping your feet dry before wearing your shoes, properly dry your shoes before using them, regularly cut your nails, and soak your feet in a water mixed with salt for 10 minutes and applying urea or lactic acid into your nails.
  6. Because diabetes can also cause your toenails to turn yellow, remedies in preventing diabetes can also be done such as diet and exercise.

Yellow Toenail Treatment

If home remedies cannot fix your problem, you can visit your doctor right away and asked for an advice in treating your problem. Usually, here are some of the things that doctors advised to their patients with this condition;

1. Medications

Depending on the cause of the problem, medications are needed to control the condition that is causing the yellow discoloration of your nails. For example, if the cause of your yellow toenails is fungal infection, doctors usually prescribed anti-fungal medications to solve the problem.

Moreover, for those who have diabetes, taking insulin to help regulate the glucose in the body can help lessened yellow toenails. Furthermore, studies show that taking zinc supplements or vitamin E can help fight yellow toenail syndrome.

2. Surgery

In some cases if the infected nail can further jeopardize your health, surgical removal of the nails is advised by some doctors. This is only done in extreme cases and this can help to totally eradicate the infected nail out of your body right away instead of waiting for the medications to work.



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