Allergies from Food Dyes : Types, Causes and symptoms

Food Allergies

Almost every individual likes junk food or bright colored foods. But, this fact is less known amongst many people that the food coloring elements used in the processing of these foods can result in food dye allergy reactions. The additives which are used in the processing are used for a number of reasons.

These include enhancing the flavor, to improve the food appearance by providing the color, maintain the food wholesomeness, preserve or improve the nutrient values or to maintain the consistency of the product. Most of the additives (which include food dyes) have been stated to cause allergies.

There are different types of food dyes but usually, the food administration bureau of countries state just two dyes. These include exempt and certifiable color additives. The exempt additives are usually referred to as herbal or natural dyes. These are obtained from minerals, animals or plants.

Due to their natural origins, sometimes the consumer overlooks the fact that these can be as risky as the other synthetic coloring chemicals. The certifiable additives are collected from coal tars or petroleum distillates. These synthetic chemicals are usually formed in the lab and due to this reason; they are usually termed as artificial dyes.

FOOD allergies dyes colors

Symptoms and signs of food dyes allergies :

The symptoms of food dye allergy which occur due to food dyes don’t differ a lot from the symptoms which occur due to allergic reactions of other causes.

Some of the common reactions and symptoms of allergies caused due to food dyes include gastrointestinal signs like vomiting, nauseas, gas, bloating and abdominal pain; skin problems including flushing and urticaria; respiratory reaction which include coughing, rhinitis and asthma and other reactions like headache, palpitation and joint aches etc.

Types of dyes resulting in allergies:

There are several dyes which have resulted in food dye allergy reactions. These include carmine –  a natural coloring chemical which isn’t mentioned in products due to its natural origin. Another coloring food dye includes Red Dye (also known as Red 40) which is a part of many food products like sauces, drinks, dairy, cereals, candies and bakery. Another die, tatrazine or Yellow Dye is also seen to result in allergic reactions.


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