Breathing Problem: Causes, Reasons, Diagnosis and Treatment

BREATHING PROBLEMs causes and anatomy

Breathing Problems – what are the Triggers?

Breathing problem is getting more and more common these days because of the natural modification and changes in the climate. The main causes of breathing problem mainly depend on the living place and the lifestyle of the sufferer.

The first and most common cause of breathing problem is the dust and also termed as allergy. If you have a constant exposure to dust, then there is a high possibility that you will develop breathing problem. Both the dust particles and the dust mites are components of the dust.

BREATHING PROBLEMs causes and anatomy

Both of them are microorganisms that react with the inner cells and to organs of the human body that causes to trigger the problem in breathing. The dust goes inside the human body when they are inhaled and when it reaches the lungs, it blocks the cells of the lungs resulting to a problem with breathing.

The breathing problem may also occur when, the mold on your home attacks you. The mold has a very serious tendency to attack human body and people easily get allergic when they have been exposed to molds. And the breathing problem is one of the most common symptoms of this mold allergy.

Aside from the dust and mold, the other reason of developing breathing problem is having an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have no good hygienic practice at home and office, you might get problem with the breathing. The wrong choices of food may also cause it. Having too much fatty ingredients in the food choice might cause and trigger the problem. In addition, too much smoking is another reason why breathing problem develop.

Another very important reason that might cause problem with breathing is the location of living. For example, living in too hot or too cold environment might cause breathing problem. Also, exposure in very low temperature can also cause same problem.

What are the Real Causes of Breathing Problems?

Breathing problem can be caused by several factors such as too cold and hot temperature, history of acute sinusitis, triggers such as dusts and molds. One of the conditions that can trigger difficulty in breathing is sinusitis. This can make a person suffer for a week or more. It happens when the sinuses are being inflamed and congested.

Many of this kind of breathing disorder are long-term or chronic such as asthma, allergies and sinusitis. When one of these occurs, the suffered will likely experience runny nose, nasal congestion, watery and itchy eyes, wheezing, chest congestion, shallow breathing and labored breathing.

Why this happen? The nasal passage is one way for us to inhale oxygen and not only oxygen can possible enter that passage but as well allergens and viruses. The air that enters the nasal passage enters directly into the lungs which often associated with lung disorders. Once the passage is being infected by the harmful microorganism, an inflammation could likely occur and when this happens, reflexes are being triggered and end up as asthma.

  • Many studies have shown that almost 26 millions of the Americans suffer from pollen allergies or hay fever. In fact, 14.6 millions of people are suffering from asthma with occurrence of allergy at the same time. When this condition is left untreated, life of the sufferer can be miserable. Another
  • Another breathing problem most Americans suffer is the COPD or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. When the sufferer of this condition do not seek medical advice, it can result to a more serious condition such as cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases related to AIDS and HIV.

What are the Ways to Diagnose a Breathing Problem?

First and foremost, seeking a doctor’s advice can contribute a lot in addressing such problem. The doctor will be guided in diagnosing the problem through an allergy test. This will help in identifying the root cause of the breathing problem.

Ways to Treat Breathing Problems

1.  One way to avoid the occurrence of breathing trouble is through identifying the trigger and avoiding it. This is the number one approach which will avoid development of asthma and allergy. If you are always exposed to place where dusts are abundant, better not to stay on that place anymore to avoid developing this problem. It can also be helpful if you wear mask and other protective gears. In addition, if you are also funned of having pets at home, better avoid fury pets; this can create breathing problems too. Also, it could be better to wash the linens once every 1 week. During seasons of pollen, it might also help you avoid developing asthma and sinusitis. Better change the filters of the air conditioner too for it might trigger development of more serious conditions.

2.   Another way to treat breathing troubles is through anti-allergy drugs such as decongestants and antihistamines. These drugs are designed to make breathing easily and to reduce the inflammation on the nasal passages. The mentioned medications can be taken through inhalers and orally.

3.   Some doctors would prescribe steroids that are very much effective in giving relief for people suffering from long-term sinusitis and allergies. In fact, there are given allergy shots for people with a very sensitive immune system. All over the world, most of the people are prone to suffer and develop asthma. With his regard, there is asthma medications that can help block and ease the obstruction in the airway.

Here are the Asthma Triggers

  1. Pollen
  2. Viral infection such as flu and cold
  3. Mold spores
  4. Pet dander
  5. Dust mites
  6. Cockroaches
  7. Smoke
  8. Food allergies
  9. Fragrances
  10. Exercise can as well trigger asthma to other people.

These allergies do not only develop during adulthood but also during childhood. In fact, children most often suffer from a variety of breathing problems since their respiratory system are the most susceptible to infection. One of the condition that can develop during childhood and would remain until adulthood is the asthma. Children are also those who develop a more serious allergy compared to adults. One reason why this develops is that the children’s immune systems are weaker and are still developing.



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