Facial Exercises and Face Toning Exercises Without Botox

facial exercises
facial exercises

Facial exercises and Face toning Exercises are something that we do not do even though some of us do spare time for working out our body. But what about the face? Imagine how much you spend for a Botox shot when you can have a youthful looking beautiful face with simple facial exercises. Learn the secrets to a glowing, youthful face with facial exercises and face toning exercises which will knock wrinkles and years from your face.

Strengthen Your Scalp Muscles

1. Fan your fingers and place them just above your ears into your scalp

2. Raise the skin in the upward direction using your fingers, simultaneously raising your eyebrows

3. Hold for a count of 10

4. Do 10 repetitions

Reduce Eye Bags and Crows Feet

1. With this Japanese Shiatsu exercise, you
work out your eye muscles by applying pressure on the seven pressure points of the eyes, the left and right end of eyebrows on the top, the athe left and right end of eyebrows as well as the middle part below the eyebrow, the area below the eye and the dot on the nasal bone between the eyes

2. Place your middle finger on your index finger and apply pressure on each point thrice, moving in the anti-clockwise direction.

Nose Exercises

1. The nasal or nose exercise is a part of the ‘mind muscle’ program. Place your index finger below the tip of your nose. Ensure that your finger just rests on your nose. Ensure that your finger just rests on your nose. You needn’t apply pressure in any direction.

2. Now stretch your upper lip into your mouth. Do 10 repetitions

Remove the bloat of your cheeks

1. This exercise is guaranteed to rid you of ugly folds that take shape below your nose and around the corners of your mouth. First, form an ‘0’ with your mouth.
2. Run your index fingers from the corners of your mouth to the corners of your nose, first in the upward and then downward, direction.
3. Do 10 reps.

Chin Exercises

1. This facial exercise involves involves resistance training to strengthen your chin muscles. First, place your index, middle and ring finger on your chin, just below your lips,
2. Stretch your lower lip inward into your mouth, and slide your fingers in the downward direction till you reach the tip of your chin.
3. Do 10 reps

Exercises to Remove Double Chin:

Double Chin is obviously a horror and an obvious sign of ageing or bad health. Here is how you can look youthful and remove double chin:
1. You can strengthen your chin muscles and get rid of that unsightly double chin with this exercise. First, press the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper teeth.
2. Place a ball below your chin and press it upwards using your fingers.
3. Hold for a count of 10. Do 10 reps.


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