Receding Hairline in Men: Dealing with Male Hair Loss


short hair male baldness

Receding hairline in males is always a top concern for most men. So what should do if you get a receding hairline or baldness in your 20s or 30? Do you get toupees, hairpieces; do hair weaving or just live with the receding hairline? Let us find out how you can tackle this issue.
First of all from sex appeal angle, women love the bald look or short hair look as much as they like long hair. Take the examples of reigning male sex symbols, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Jude Law are either bald or having receding hairlines but still their sex appeal has not suffered at all. But one thing they all have done is that they have accepted the fact that they are experiencing hair loss and they have just cut their hair short.
So for men with receding hairlines, the best thing to do is go for a simple, short cut. By the age of 50, about 50 percent of men have varying degrees of receding hairlines and hair thinning.A normal person has about 100,000 hair follicles and loses about 60 to 70 a day. ‘But if it turns into 60 to 100 strands a day, you should get it looked at. Even those levels of hair loss do not imply that baldness is looming. However if the hair loss continues for more than eight weeks, you should check with a doctor and not wait until the hair has grown noticeably thinner.’
In 95 per cent of men’s cases, it is diagnosed that hair-loss is hereditary. Men can determine their risk of going bald by looking at the heads of their forefathers. The maternal grandfather is the indicator most of the time. Hair stylists recommend that when you hair starts to thin out, it is better to cut everything around it shorter. If you leave the hair long in back and on the side area, you are only drawing area to the thinning part.
Concealing growing bald spot with hair bonding or hairpiece should be left to those who cannot psychologically deal with baldness. Dermatologist usually prescribe Rogaine or Propecia to check baldness. But then, they are not permanent solutions. As soon as you stop taking them, the hairfall will start to accelerate faster. Also, they are expernsive and the medication is not covered by medical insurance.


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