Side effects of Homeopathic medicine



The priority of the homeopathic treatment of the patient in the present conditions is largely explained by the harmful effects of environmental conditions and aggressive social environment on the activity of immune processes in living organisms.

Homeopathic medicines act by first stimulating the body’s immunity system. Homeopathy adopts a treatment process wherein the patient is given small dosages of medicines which if taken by a healthy person in large doses would show symptoms of illness; this is based on the approach of “like cures like”. The homeopathy practitioners are very careful in administering the medicines or remedies to the patient and each remedy is always customized as per the patient’s condition.

Though there are no grave side effects reported by use of homeopathic medicines, there are minor illnesses which some people experienced after the use of homeopathic medicines.

It is said that homeopathic medicines are usually in high dilutions and should be taken under administered care of a homeopathic specialist, to avoid any adverse reaction;

Homeopathy specialist say that some people may feel ill after taking these medicines because of their body temperature which may stimulate the illness,, however the medicine continues to work towards restoring heath of the patient;

Some homeopathic medicines especially liquid ones may contain high level of alcohol which might not suit some people. However, there has been no such case so far where the alcohol content in homeopathic medicines has triggered any adverse effect

Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other conventional medicines as they do not seem to conflict with other drugs; but it is always better to consult you doctor about it.

Some people may even experience dizziness after using homeopathic medicines. If any kind of adverse effect that you may experience continues for more than 4-5 days then it should be reported to the doctor. Pregnant mother must be extra careful while using homeopathic medicines and must consult a doctor before taking any homeo medicines.


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