How to know when you are Ovulating


It is useful to understand the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle, especially if you are planning a baby. A woman can produceovulating approximately 400 000 eggs in their ovaries. Female body begins to ovulate during puberty. Here are some more details which you must know about the female reproductive system:

  • The egg released from the ovary disintegrates if not fertilized within 12-48 hours. Approximately 2 weeks later, a thick lining of the uterus is lost and you start to menstruate. Your next menstrual cycle then begins again when you ovulate: Ovulation – it release a mature egg from the ovary. In response to the hormonal signal follicle (holding egg) bursts open and releases the egg – this is – that when you ovulate. Ovulation occur around 14 or 15 days from the first day of the last menstrual cycle of women.
  • Once you ovulate, egg travels into the fallopian tubes, and is receptive to fertilization by sperm. “The Fertile Period” is once you ovulate – the most fertile period for the female body. This is the time when you are more likely to conceive and become pregnant.
  • Since the egg was produced (i.e. when you ovulate) and is available for fertilization when a woman participates in unprotected intercourse, fertilization and conception may occur. A woman is most fertile during ovulation and can become pregnant from unprotected sexual activity that occurred at any time during this fertile period – mainly from those 5 days before ovulation to one day after the ovulation.
  • Conception happens after the woman’s egg fertilizes man’s sperm. After the sperm are erupted into a woman’s vagina, they swim through the cervix and into the fallopian tubes, where fertilization and conception usually occur. A single sperm when penetrates the egg, conception occur as the genetic material from sperm and egg are merged into a single nucleus which is termed as “zygote”. Medical experts agree that the establishment of pregnancy takes several days and not finished until the fertilized egg is not implemented in the lining of the uterus of women. The woman is believed to be pregnant once zygote comes into existence.


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