How to know when your Dog is ready to give Birth


mother dog with puppis

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal physiological process for any mammal. A large number of people keep pets at home but often miss educating themselves about their pregnancy and childbirth care. Here, we are going to tell you how to know if your dog is ready to give birth and what are the things which you must keep in mind for a healthy and safe delivery:

  • It is known that pregnancy in dogs lasts an average of 62 days. Approximately 2 weeks before the expected birth is not difficult to feel the stirrings of the puppy, you may check by placing your hand to her stomach. This is one reliable indicator that the pregnancy has taken place.
  • By the end of the month (25-30 day) skin of mammary glands swell and become clearly visible, and dogs with light skin looks bright – pink, marked enlargement of the abdomen in the area of the ribs. However, this is not always the case. Signs of pregnancy become apparent. Breasts are greatly increased. Usually, milk appears 7-10 days before delivery, but bitches with the first pregnancy may produce milk within a few hours before or during the birth.
  • When your dog reaches the 54th day, take care of her meals which should be 3 times a day. This helps in getting a signal when the dog is ready to give birth; as the dog will stop eating 12-24 hours before giving birth. If the dog refuses to eat, then it’s a sure shot sign that within 24 hours puppies may be delivered.
  • As the time passes by the dog may feel nervous and look for a place to deliver the puppies. It will avoid drinking water too. Just make a place, preferably a clean and comfortable litter box where the pups can be given birth to.
  • Remember, that dogs deliver pups slowly, so in the first attempt you may see one pup and the next one in the next one or two hours and so on.

If you feel you dog is having trouble in delivering the puppies, seek doctor’s help immediately.


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