Ten easy Ways to Stop Coughing and Treat your Stubborn Cough


Coughing is a common problem which is caused mainly by stubborn cold. However, cold is not the only problem as there are many issues linked with coughing. One of the reasons maybe the food and when a person eats fast, the food gets stuck and then he or she cough terribly, which also could prove fatal as well.

If you are wondering how this could prove fatal, then you have to consider various options linked with one’s nasal cavity along with the larynx or the cavity present inside the breathing valve, which produces air to go in and out and it keeps the heart of a person in function.

chronic cough

In this way, the person is able to live and gets alive when the heart gets to pump and now, when someone eats food in haste and the food gets stuck, the person tends to cough continuously, which could result in sudden death. The reason for the death is considered as the fatality of a person because the food gets stuck in the throat.

However, the above is one of the examples of unexpected cough, but general coughing should be avoided as soon as possible and if it gets more, then things could be damning. The best 10 tips to avoid and stop coughing are as follows:

  1. Drink hot tea with lime
  2. Gargle with hot water and add salt
  3. Consume hot and sweet soup every time you think your coughing is not going to stop
  4. Add neem leaves to your tea and drink the tea
  5. Eat raw garlic and drink normal, luke-warm water
  6. Avoid eating onions when you have cough since onions can increase your cough
  7. Do not eat chilies
  8. Drink hot coffee or hot drinks
  9. Make sure your chest is covered
  10. If problem of coughing persists, then go to the doctor!


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