Role of Ayurveda in Influencing Health and Illness


A strong and fit immune system is essential for avoiding cold/flu, living a long and healthy life and even preventing fatal diseases such as cancer. The frantic pace of society nowadays has lead to increase in the stress levels and the body’s immune system bears the major brunt of this issue.

It is being witnessed by increasing evidences of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and cancer (all autoimmune diseases). Ayurveda follows the principle of prevention being the best medicine and ayurvedic treatment influences the immune system and overall health and illness of the body.ayurveda health

Ayurveda provides tips for balancing individual constitution by making changes in the daily routine. These can include time of getting up, bathing, resting, eating, meditation and exercise. Consistency and regularity is the key here. The treatment can provide alternatives to live a life without feeling exhausted, frazzled, weak or sick. Following are three ayurvedic herbs which can be taken to influence the body’s health and illness and support a strong and fit lifestyle:

  • A popular medicine is ashwaghandha which can be taken for just about any ailment. Its traditional uses include promoting restful sleep, calming the nerves and clearing the mind. Its ingredients are seen to fight infections, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and protect liver. It can also strengthen bones, fight malaria and prevent diabetes.
  • Guggul is resin extracted from a small tree. It kindles the kidney, mucous membrane and skin to release harmful toxicants stored in the body. It also strengthens the thyroid and relieves arthritis pain. It can also be used to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol.
  • Licorice is very popular ayurvedic medicine in China and India (also famous as a sweet in America). This herb is recommended for sore throat, cough, bronchitis and asthma. It is also used in problems like peptic ulcers, kidney and bladder problems and arthritis. Studies have also shown that it has antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, inflammatory and anticancer powers. Although, it should be taken when prescribed a professional ayurvedic doctor.

The aforementioned ayurvedic herbs and the overall ayurvedic treatment is very essential in strengthening the immune system and can positively impact individual health and illness.


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