Home Treatment for Neck Arthritis pain

Stiff neck
Stiff neck

Home treatment for neck arthritis pain is important as the person constantly experiences inflammation or pains in the joints. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis may be found in any joint of the body; one of which is neck arthritis, which is also known as cervical spondylosis.

The best ways to bring relief to one’s body from the arthritis pain are the home remedies.Let’s have a look what all can we try to treat neck arthritis pain:

Copper: is said to have elements which helps in strengthening the muscular system. Drinking water kept in a copper vase or container overnight helps in infusing the copper elements into the body.  A copper bracelet or ring may also be worn for the same effect.

Capsaicin: a body rub made of capsaicin can relive you from neck arthritis pain. The results are not instant but in the long run it surely helps.

Raw Juices: drinking raw juices made of green leafy vegetable can be of great help in curing arthritis. The alkaline present in the raw juices helps in dissolving the hardened deposits near the joints and makes them flexible. Some juices like juices made of cherry helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling.

Posture and Exercise: Keeping your body in a good posture will help in keeping the neck arthritis pain at bay. It is often the poor posture over the ages because of which the muscles of neck and spine go weak and cause arthritis pain. Also, indulge yourself in light exercises as keeping the body active is also necessary. You may try simple neck exercises after consulting your physician.

Massage: the super pain relief, which not only reduces the pain but also brings a lot of relaxation and calmness to body and mind. You may get a gentle hand massage over your neck or get an electronic massager which is more effective in generating heat. Such warm massage helps in relaxing down the neck tissues thus reducing the neck arthritis pain.


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